Tim Rolph, D.Phil.

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder

Tim Rolph is Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Akero Therapeutics. Prior to founding Akero, Tim led the Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease Research Unit as Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer. In his 22 years at Pfizer, he led the human anti-infective research at Sandwich (UK), directing the team that discovered the prototype CCR5 antagonist, maraviroc, launched as a novel antiretroviral for HIV (Celzentry™), then became Head of Research at the laboratory in Sandwich before transitioning to the same role in Groton, Connecticut. Under his leadership at Pfizer, Steglatro™ (ertugliflozin) was discovered and developed in partnership with Merck, and recently launched as a fixed-dose combination with sitagliptin (Steglujan™), the leading oral medication for diabetes. Prior to Pfizer, Tim worked in Glaxo’s veterinary R&D group, initially studying the modulation of growth for food production, then moving into anti-parasitic research for veterinary applications.

With a BSc in Biochemistry from University of London, Tim undertook graduate studies at Wolfson College, University of Oxford, and awarded a DPhil from the Faculty of Clinical Medicine. His pre- and post-doctoral training was at the Nuffield Institute for Medical Research, where he studied the metabolic adaptations of skeletal & cardiac muscle during development.